A few years ago I designed a brand identity for a newly launched carpet cleaning company, based in Devon. Curiously, the company name – 2D – was a reference to a tattoo on the owner’s arm of two doves and had nothing to do with carpets or cleaning! But it did remind me of a chemical formula such as O2, so I worked on a logo concept which took inspiration from the use of chemistry and science in cleaning. This was done by using the name 2D in a similar way to how chemical formulas are written – small number, large letter, but with different positioning (a superscript rather than subscript number before the letter).

The squares of the logo are a reference to the coloured boxes of the periodic table, using another visual link to the science involved in cleaning. The overall aim was to give an impression of the underlying science behind professional cleaning. Whilst anyone can hire a machine to clean their carpets themselves, it is actually a job best left to a trained professional who understands the multitude of possible reactions and results when different kinds of stains, fabrics and cleaning solutions are combined.

At the time of designing the logo, I also provided designs for van vinyls, uniforms and flyers but only guidance on the original website design, which the client set up themselves. The first website served their purposes initially but by 2020 was in need of a rebuild and update. The focus of the business had shifted from mainly commercial clients such as estate agents, to also include residential customers. A ‘friendlier, softer’ site was needed. The new website also needed to reflect the fact that the business now offered a complete range of cleaning services, from windows to silicon edging in bathrooms.

I built the new website in WordPress, using a fully customisable theme which allows complete control over the layout and design of the site.

The client was keen to make use of icons to represent the different cleaning services on offer, so I designed a set of icons, using the existing brand colours and an illustrative style that fitted with the other brand elements. Each icon was created in each of the three main brand colours, to give a variety of colour options.

The website is fully responsive, so users can easily use it on desktop, tablet or smartphones. The icons provide a quick way of showing the range of services on offer, and give the whole site a more personal and bespoke feel than simply using stock imagery would have done.

2D Holiday Property

In addition to the 2D Cleaning Company branding and website, I have also created a sister site for the Holiday Property Management side of the business. The website is a simple introduction to the management services that 2D offer, many of which tie in with the cleaning side of the business. The branding for 2D Holiday Property uses a change of just two colours to differentiate it from the cleaning company, but all other elements remain the same.