Tam Preston

Ladybirds Preschool Uniform

Ladybirds Pre-School



New branding and website for Ladybirds Pre-school. The aim was to create a brand that would appeal to the children and parents alike, and to appear fun yet professional.

The flying ladybird captures the excitement and energy of the children attending the pre-school and gives the branding a playful, fun feel. As a character it appears on many applications, flying around the ‘Letter of the Week’ blog posts, looping the loop on termly newsletters and Christmas cards, and sometimes even dressing up in a Santa’s hat, fireman’s helmet etc depending on the occasion.

The primary brand colours are the distinctive red and black of a ladybird and it is these two colours that form the basis of most brand applications giving everything a clean, uncluttered feel. When needed, an additional secondary palette features a bright, fresh grass green which can be used as a eye catching accent.

Brand Identity Guidelines

Brand Applications

As Ladybirds Pre-school is a non-profit organisation it was important that any website running costs be kept to a minimum. Their new WordPress.com hosted website has only a yearly domain name fee and is otherwise completely free for them to run. The downside of this option is the presence of adverts on the site, and also limited customisation tools, but by working with the available tools and options an ‘on-brand’ website has been created at minimum cost. As a WordPress website the client is able to easily edit the content and add regular posts to the blog themselves.


Photography of the children used for marketing is informal, showing them relaxed, happy and at play in the Pre-school environment. Individual portraits are taken against colourful backgrounds within the preschool setting, with natural lighting to put the children at ease.