Tam Preston

The Henny Swan Exterior

The Henny Swan

The Henny Swan

A branding project for a bar and restaurant on the edge of the River Stour in Suffolk. The design brief was for a clean, elegant brand identity based on the shape of a swan with wings outstretched. The typographic style was developed using various vintage restaurant menus as inspiration, and combines the classical elegance of Bodoni with the clean and modern feel of Avenir Next Condensed to create a distinctive and eclectic feel.


Design for Print

Two separate menu styles were developed for the bar and restaurant, to reflect the slightly different feel of the two areas. Artwork and design guidelines were provided so that the client could carry out any future menu editing themselves. Other items such as business cards, special events posters, external signage and print advertisements were designed to coordinate with the brand identity and help strengthen the overall brand look and feel.


A selection of food and interior shots were taken for use on social media and print advertisements. The style of the photography is natural, with minimal artificial lighting. The food was shot in the restaurant itself, with a compact lighting set up.

Food Photography

Exterior Photography

Interior Photography


A single page website layout was designed, using the same brand elements (colours, photography and typography) developed for the main brand identity and printed brand applications. The client built the website themselves, using the design provided as a guide.