Making Natural History was a virtual festival for the environment held online in November 2020. The festival aimed to showcase examples of environmental activism, conservation and education through a series of family friendly virtual presentations, discussions and masterclasses.

The Making Natural History host page on Crowdcast.

The Making Natural History host page on Crowdcast.

Hosted on crowdcast, Making Natural History needed an identity for its event host page and digital flyers for promoting on social media.

Making Natural History was held on the 25th anniversary of Leave It To Us, which was the first international children’s conference on the environment. The festival revisited the vision of the young activists from 1995 and marked where things are today.

The identity and digital marketing design created for the festival seeks to capture the positivity and enthusiasm that children have for the issues they feel passionate about, as well as the fun, colourful and celebratory feel of festivals.

The Leave It To Us conference of 1995 was hosted in Eastbourne, a seaside town with the beautiful unspoilt countryside of the south downs and miles of beach. Whilst Making Natural History is a virtual festival, Eastbourne is still at the heart of the events held online, with many local schools and organisations taking part. Eastbourne and it’s dual rural and coastal landscapes are represented in the festival identity by the land, sea and sky icons (bird, fish and terrestrial/marine plant) and simple yellow (sand/sun), green (terrestrial/marine plants) and blue (sky/sea) colour palette. Yellow vertical sun rays cross over horizontal sea waves to form playful background colours and patterns.