Tam Preston

Design & Photography

A multidisciplinary practice, providing a range of graphic design and photography services. 

Strong, consistent branding across all methods of visual communication makes a difference. It reinforces your brand identity and drives positive sentiment and trust with your audience. One of the great benefits of using a multidisciplinary design and photography practice is that you will ensure a level of cohesion across your brand identity or design project that would otherwise be hard to achieve. 

For example, for a new business, or perhaps one in need of a brand refresh, I can design the brand identity, create the website, and design the brochures, flyers and other marketing materials needed to promote the business. I can also create bespoke illustrations and take the photographs required for using in all the brand communications. At all stages of the design process I can ensure that each element is consistent with the brand identity. 

Design Services

Brand Identity

Brand Identity projects can either be about creating a completely new brand identity for a new business or refreshing and improving upon an existing identity for an established brand. It is helpful to know exactly what is meant by the terms ‘branding’, ‘brand identity’ and ‘logo design’ as they are not the same thing. For more information on branding and brand identity design see here.

Print Design

Print Design is the creation of a design intended for printing onto a material, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, ceramics, etc. The design may be for branding or promotional purposes. A business may typically need business cards, brochures, leaflets and stationery. They may also require banners, vinyl wraps, labels and packaging, shopping bags etc.


I design websites using WordPress, a popular CMS (content management system) which enables clients to edit and add new content themselves, once the site has been built. I can also provide support and advice with ongoing maintenance, backups and SEO.   

Book Design

All aspects of book design, from the initial design concepts for the layout and cover design, to final artwork ready for print. Particular care and attention is taken over the typesetting to ensure a high standard of typographic design. 


Illustration can be used to convey information that perhaps would be hard to achieve in a photograph. I can create bespoke illustrations for use in book layouts, websites, or marketing campaigns.


Infographics can be designed in a large variety of ways, and might use a combination of text, illustrations and photographs, as well as conventional graphs, tables and charts. Having started my design career as an interactive designer for the BBC Online, creating infographics to help explain news stories, I have always enjoyed the challenge of presenting complex information in an engaging and accessible way.

Photography Services

With all my photography services I favour a simple, natural, reportage style that makes use of the natural light available when possible. I do however use artificial lighting for any food photography to help ensure consistent and accurate colours.

Event Photography

Photographing events to create images that can then be used in print and digital brand communications, social media and other marketing purposes. I have a reportage style of event photography, making use of natural light, and un-posed, candid shots. 

Food Photography

Food photography for restaurants, cafes, shops. I shoot the food in situ, (within the restaurant or cafe, rather than in a studio), with a table top lighting set up. Set up is quick and simple, and several dishes can be shot this way straight from the kitchen in a relatively short space of time, and with minimal disruption to any customers present.

Interior Photography

Interior photography of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, houses and more. A combination of types of shot may be used to capture both wide expanses and to focus on smaller room details or special products etc.

Exteriors Photography

Exterior photography of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, houses, gardens and more.

Environmental Portraits

An environmental portrait is when the subject is photographed in a particular environment, perhaps the place where they work, their home, or anywhere that relates to who they are, to give further insight into the life or character of the subject. I may use a combination of the ambient light and artificial light to take the best shot, but the style of the portrait will always be as natural as possible.

Location Portraits

A more traditional style of portraiture. With location portraits, a suitable indoor or outdoor location may be used as a setting for photographing the subject, to create an interesting backdrop to the portrait.