Due to be published in May 2019, this is my cover design and illustration for the 22nd Edition of the The Good Schools Guide. The brief was to come up with a ‘special edition’ cover design that breaks away from the style of previous editions. I proposed several design options, including this chosen ‘doodle’ style bespoke illustration, which was intended to reflect the witty and often subversive style of the text.

I created the front cover illustration by drawing a group of 60+ school related objects, which I then arranged in the arched shape, and filled in the gaps with additional objects and embellishments. Amongst the items are several small references to the founders of The Good Schools Guide, such as initials and dates. I also created smaller groups of objects for the spine and the back cover.

The book is to be cloth bound in Wibalin Buckram, with the logo area debossed. The dimensions of the book are 28cm x 21cm, with a 6.5cm spine. Once published, the book will be available to buy for £60.

The Good School Guide 22nd Edition Cover Design